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     ag亚官游  顿了顿,路昂继续说道:“那五位牺牲的同事所进入的那不勒斯西郊,正是莫里蒂家族的大本营,如今我们所站的地方,也属于西郊范围之内。”


     1、  顿了顿,路昂继续说道:“那五位牺牲的同事所进入的那不勒斯西郊,正是莫里蒂家族的大本营,如今我们所站的地方,也属于西郊范围之内。”

     2、  半晌后,路昂收回看向远处苏威尔火山的视线,侧头笑着对王乐说道:“贾兄,时间已经不晚了,咱们上车先回住的地方吧!”

     3、A mother's love, on me bestow


     5、Salander was not especially interested in what Mikael was writing. She looked up from her book when Blomkvist said something, but at first she could not make it out.


     (1)  “自打我来这四九城,很多人包括和你打交道最多的李慕白,都讲你王乐心狠手辣无情得很,手底下的人命官司,说是千人斩都毫不夸张,没想到今天见到真人,与张某人想象的很不一样。”张兴隆那双炯炯有神的眼神包含笑意,对着王乐缓缓说道。

     (2)There was no question of crossing the pasture—there he would have no cover at all. The straight path beside the fence was the place he himself would have picked for a clear field of fire. He retreated into the brush until he came out on the other side into a sparse pine wood.

     (3)All hope abandon, ye who enter here."[16]


     (5)  路昂:“······”


     1.Ah, Connor, she said, alluding to her father, whom she could not trust herself to name, to-morrow morning what will become of him when he finds that I am gone? But I know his affectionate heart. He will relenthe will relent for the sake of his own Cooleen Bawn. The laws against Catholics are now relaxed, and I am glad of it. But I have one consolation, my dear girl, that I am trusting myself to a man of honor. We will proceed directly to the Continent;that is, if no calamitous occurrence should take place to prevent us; and there, after our nuptials shall have been duly celebrated, I will live happy with Reillythat is, Connor, as happy as absence from my dear father will permit meand Reilly will live happy, and, at least, free from the persecution of bad laws, and such villains as base and vindictive Whitecraft. You, Connor, must accompany me to the back of the garden, and see me off. Take this purse, Connor, as some compensation for your truth and the loss of your situation.

     2.  只不过这些想法,王大少没有向任何人提过,一直都埋在心里,毕竟这段时间憋屈的日子,实在是让他有够郁闷的。


     4.  “莫里蒂家族要重蹈天蝎的覆辙了。”路昂仿佛已经看到莫里蒂家族的覆灭,不禁在心中感慨道。