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     3、  这个当下,路昂能明显感觉到这家伙对莫里蒂家族动了杀心!

     4、  作为一名优秀的谍报潜伏人员,路昂很快就从震惊和恐惧当中回过神来。

     5、Apparently not, but the security routines in your firm have a number of shortcomings. According to your directive hes supposed to copy such things himself, but he chucked the report at me before he left for the bar yesterday. And by the way, I found his previous report in the canteen.


     (1)  毕竟他是行走在无间道里的精英分子,对这种伪装什么的,当然很敏感,也很熟悉,只要冷静下来,会很容易看出破绽。


     (3)  每每想到当初自己在港岛设下必死之局,以为能坑杀洪不让,结果万万没想到,竟然还是让对方在付出重伤的代价后给逃出生天,真是能把王大少给气得吐血三升。

     (4)  如此种种,王乐欲灭米洪家的心思越发坚定,再也无法更改!

     (5)Pretending that Christ's reluctance is due to the fact that he shrinks from the exertions necessary to obtain this boon Satan offers to bestow it freely upon him, provided he will fall down and worship him. Hearing this proposal, Christ rebukes the tempter, saying, "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and only him shalt serve," and reviling him for his ingratitude. To pacify his interlocutor, Satan then proposes to make him famous through wisdom, and exhibits Athens,that celebrated centre of ancient learningoffering to make him master of all its schools of philosophy, oratory, and poetry, and thus afford him ample intellectual gratification. But Jesus rejects this offer also, after proving the vanity and insufficiency of heathen philosophy and learning, and after demonstrating that many books are a weariness to the flesh, and that none compare with those which are the proudest boast of God's Chosen People.


     1.  顿了顿,王乐也是嘴巴一撇,继续道:“贱人太多,也不缺黄大千这一个,纯碎自找的。”

     2.  就见张兴隆呵呵一笑,回道:“在下的门派与南华观一向交好,所以门下弟子之间的关系都很不错。”

     3.  “怎嘛,路兄以为在下只会杀人,不懂得生活的趣味吗?”王乐似笑非笑的反问道。

     4.  这个大魔王对他路昂的亲热,也都是假象而已。

     5.  “莫里蒂家族要重蹈天蝎的覆辙了。”路昂仿佛已经看到莫里蒂家族的覆灭,不禁在心中感慨道。